RESOURCE: Self-love Checklist

Hi there!

I'm SO GLAD you chose to click on this self-love checkup! Not just because it’s Valentine’s Day! Not just because I love when you all read and share my words. But because, choosing to engage with this particular blog means that you’re ready.

  • You’re ready to ask yourself a few questions (and find some answers) about who/how you love.

  • You’re ready to dig a little deeper past the Instagram love and self-care memes.

  • You're ready to upgrade your relationship with/to yourself.

That's commendable.

As we create space for even more authentic love - for ourselves, for others, intimate, or otherwise - we develop our ability to learn even more about our interpersonal habits and the intrapersonal relationship we cultivate with ourselves.

Also, check out this cool print from Lee From America.

Also, check out this cool print from Lee From America.

Answer the questions below to help you begin interrogating the

spaces for growth you have within yourself.

Note: The point of answering these questions is not to psychically or emotionally beat yourself up if you find answers you aren’t proud of. This is an objective analysis (as objective as we can be when talking about ourselves). Answer the questions. Make notes. If there are things that thrill or disappoint you, make note of them as pieces of information to come back to later.

self-love checklist

How do I really feel about my body?
Does the language I use to discuss my physical appearance suggest positive or negative values?

How do I really feel about my intelligence?
Does the language I use to discuss my intellect, thoughts, questions, and/or decision-making skills suggest positive or negative values?

How do I really feel about my spirit?
Do I feel full? Content? Am I motivated and ready to inspire others?
In a stage of constant wanting? Is there a lingering sadness in my life?
Am I seeking/searching for something to uplift me?

How do I really feel about my home?
Does the space that I inhabit feel like one I’ve created for myself?
Is it safe? Is it comfortable? Do I feel lost or anxious when I’m in it?
Does my home feel like a space of rest and peace?

How do I really feel about the relationships I choose or refuse to maintain?
Do the people in my life fill me up? Do they encourage me and/or contribute to my growth?
Do I feel drained or unmoved by any relationships in my life?

What else? What else am I not considering? Does my car move me? Does what I eat make me feel good? Do the hair products I use add to the good feelings about myself or detract? When I get dressed, am I content with the clothes I wear? What else do I need to take stock of to take the best care of myself?

Why do we care about these things?

There are so many factors that contribute to our general sense of wellbeing on any given day. What we may be considering as a failure at work, can actually be stemming from a lack of sleep or nutrition at home - or any other number of things influencing our mind, body, and spirit. Valentine’s Day is great - but, honestly, this checklist is useful to come back to on any day we’re trying to sort through or understand how we are taking care of ourselves in our everyday lives.