FROM THE GRAM: On being Mrs. Kholi-Murchison


Behold, two #lovebirds, on their first international trip together, about 22 months ago, already obsessive, fresh into a literal whirlwind #romance, still, a beacon of #joy and #hope, and a #hotassmess. 

Holley and I work because we work. We refuse to run away from the nonsense we came dragging into our relationship. We face it head on - together. But we also tell each other about ourselves constantly. And - though so much in our lives overlap - we’re fiercely committed to recognizing and loving each other as individuals on our own separate journeys, in need of our own constantly varying often conflicting separate lessons. 

But, trust me. I’ve actively contributed to - and willingly participated in - some completely toxic relationships before (you’ve been here to see me through most of them since we’re about 6 years and 2000+ posts in now). So this #ValentinesDay post is less of gloating about the fact that God’s blessed me with the #perfectwife (though in so many ways he has). And more of like a thank you to myself first, and also, @holleymmurchison, for being willing to make a vision and then commit to all the #selfstuff that comes up on the path to manifestation. 

It’s also a moment to say - in case your wife is also in Lisbon on Vday - feel free to (like me) gleefully indulge in Living Single reruns, and make one of the bomb recipes, and indulge in the self love checklist on my blog! I’ve gifted all of them to you in that link in my bio!

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