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Toward New Futures

We're told to bloom where we're planted, to nurture our gifts and passions from a primary place of rooting.

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We forget that - responsible for providing sustenance for not only the final blossom, but the stem, the leaves, and each life cycle - root systems travel.

Beneath the ground, further and further away from an initial seed, roots crane unselfishly. Each unique sprout rises only with the help of a complex support system aiding in continual absorption, anchoring, accumulation (or archive), and reproductive activation.

carrie kholi communication content academic diversity advocate


Sewn in Monrovia, Liberia, khoLi.'s roots have stretched themselves far west, taking necessary respites in North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and (for the moment) settling in Oakland, California.  

Having earned a B.A. in English Arts and Creative Writing (Hampton University) and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Literatures in English (Rutgers University), khoLi. has absorbed a unique set of skills, all dependent upon proactive, responsive, critical thought. This accumulation due just as equally to mentors such as Brent Edwards, Carter Mathes, Cheryl Wall, Evie Shockley, Heather Hiles, and Richard Yarborough as to service as a Founding Board Member of Elements LGBTQ Womyn of Color Conference, Co-Founder and Partner of Authentic Collective, Principal for The Ardor Brand, Founder of Khafra & Company, and COO of Oratory Glory. 

With a discerning and business-savvy eye, as well as an aptitude for creating and curating engaging, globally-conscious content, khoLi. seeks to understand and amplify voices representing intersectional demographics.

Her sweeping sphere of experience coupled with a progressive panorama of the world, makes khoLi., not only your favorite carefree (though, rightfully skeptical) black girl, but also the Internet- and information-obsessed branding aficionado of your wildest but surprisingly attainable dreams.



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Here are some of the amazing brands and entrepreneurs khoLi’s had the privilege of working with:

  • Ari Fitz
  • Betti Ono
  • Below the Radar
  • driversselect
  • GreenBiz
  • Heather Hiles
  • Holley Murchison
  • Koco Nails
  • Krys Freeman
  • Oratory Glory
  • Peace and Love Movement
  • Rockport Shoes
  • Womyn of Color Conference

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