RESOURCE: Tell Me About Yourself x WePresent (3 reasons you'll love using it to tell your brand story!)

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

My wife, Holley M. Murchison (or Kholi-Murchison if we’re being picky ;-)),
just released a digital version of Tell Me About Yourself.

And I really want you to go check it out.

And not just because I edited the original book.

I want you to go try this digital version because:

  • TMAY will help you cut the fluff when it comes to owning and shaping your personal story

  • TMAY will help you source and share your true values in - and value to - your community

  • TMAY will help you craft everything from a neat intro at that next event to a full brand story

+ Holley has a downloadable story-guide to help you along the process!
+ You can sign-up for a 15-minute call with her to discuss your progress!

with <3,


P.S. I’ll be using TMAY to transform my own brand story over the next few weeks!
STAY UPDATED on my progress!