khoLi. has been a true gamechanger for our team. Her thoroughness and understanding of human behavior have been the catalyst for strengthening and streamlining our process for how we engage with clients and partners. And because of her ability to see the big picture and blend strategy with creativity, we’ve successfully developed a tangible plan of action.
— Holley M. Murchison, Oratory Glory
Kholi achieves results by any means necessary.

As a creative person and entrepreneur, it’s difficult trusting someone to manage your brand awareness and media. However, Kholi isn’t just “someone.” Within weeks of working together, Kholi implemented a media plan and executed against it for my brand/business. She landed major features, lifestyle stories and helped guide my public-facing narrative very early on.

From crisis management to ghost writing, khoLi. invests heavily into her client’s communications goals and doesn’t stop until her clients reach them.
— Ari Fitz, Tomboyish
I want to start by saying that I have never recommended anyone outsource their social or media strategy/execution, because the voice of the brand is so crucial and I had only seen one case where it worked with someone outside the organization. When I came to driversselect, Kholi was under contract and I didn’t want to disrupt anything as I was getting my feet wet in my new position. It did not take long for me to realize she was the rare person who has such empathy and passion for what she does that I would definitely be keeping her onboard as we move forward.
Kholi is capable of taking a nugget I offer her and shaping that into a relevant and valuable piece of writing that is fleshed out in numerous ways. She will mention our key tribe members (employees), core values, capture the fun of the brand and tie it all together with whatever small piece of insight I gave her. I still get excited when I read her writing! She has a strategic mind that I have yet to push with a challenge she can’t rise to. She is the partner I can count on to keep things going even when I barely have a moment to check in with her. And when I have an idea, I know she’ll only contribute in a way that makes it better and more vibrant. I highly recommend her - always - as a strategy partner!
— Brandi Beakley, driversselect.com
I’ve worked with khoLi in 2 capacities: 1. Marketing/Digital Strategist for Q-ROC.TV and 2. Online Brand Manager for driversselect.com.

khoLi. is capable of providing specific client market insight and translating that into creative brand copy and digital and in-person marketing strategy.

She has a competency and willingness to communicate with and for the client that few demonstrate. I’d definitely hire her again.
— Q Ragsdale, Q-Roc.TV
Carrie is an extremely creative and resourceful brand specialist with exceptional communication skills.
— Rochelle Lampkin Satchell


Carrie Kholi has been an undeniable asset to my public relations firm and its success.

When working with the media and the public, no comma or punctuation can be astray. Carrie has swiftly and creatively edited numerous types of copy for me, often catching mistakes that my employees or myself have missed. She is the first person cc’d on an important document in need of review, and the final person emailed before the official drafts are released. I’d be lost without her! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Carrie!
— Sara Ann Kelly, SAK Public Relations
khoLi. is amazing at what she does. I gave her words. She made them better. Not just one time, but every time.
— Margo Stein, Writer
khoLi. has a way of knowing what you’re trying to say, and works with you to say it with more panache, guile, a better sense of urgency, style, swagger and substance than you could have hoped for. — Note: I only wrote “more style” anything else written has been edited in.
— Calvin Jamison, Filmmaker
There are few things I’d put out into this world without sending to khoLi. first. I’m talking everything: print correspondence, emails, articles, media kits, executive summaries. Her eyes touch it all.
— Krys Freeman, Product Manager + Strategist
khoLi. is a sharp editor. She helped me to make my arguments more concise and clear. She edited my Ford Fellowship application materials - I got the Ford!
— Dr. Kai M. Green, Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara
I don’t submit anything for application purposes that khoLi. has not looked over. Her editing not only works on structure, but also the power of a great narrative. She asks clarifying and probing questions (and sometimes gives plain old directives) to get a piece of writing from good to great and from great to better.
— Guerschmide Saint-Ange, Education Nation
khoLi. has provided me with feedback through editing for numerous papers. She has an excellent understanding of the writing process, and I believe this is necessary for adequate proofreading, and revising. Additionally, her ability to spot errors and transform sentences into clear and succinct statements is remarkable.
— Dr. Jessica Andrews, Ph.D., Educational Testing Service (ETS)
khoLi. reads the heart behind a piece as well as it’s intent - and is absolutely opposed to letting me get away with anything that doesn’t serve both of those things. And when the intent isn’t clear, she makes me go find it and try again. She’s capable of seeing the one thing that’s missing that can make the piece reach its max potential (except for the no one hates a baby poems….which I don’t blame her for - there was no hope).
— Ashley Lumpkin, Poet + Performer


I had the pleasure of collaborating with khoLi. on a unique series of books that Callisto Media produced in 2015, the Lightning Guides. khoLi. consistently demonstrated a high level of competency, dedication, and thoughtfulness in all areas of her work. She had a great deal of respect for the Team, and was unfailingly considerate toward everyone—Editors, Designers, Authors, Illustrators— who participated in the production cycle. I especially admire khoLi’s ability to juggle multiple projects under very tight deadlines, all the while maintaining a sense of composure and excellent product quality.
— Frances Baca, Creative Director, Callisto Media
Carrie Kholi is several people at once, and they’re all ridiculously impressive. She’s an impassioned creative thinker, a ruthlessly determined organizer, and a savvy self-reliant businessperson. I’ve learned a lot from the whole crew.
— Brian Hurley, Senior Managing Editor, Callisto Media
Carrie is a creative and strategic thinker. Developing Authentic with her was an incredible journey of learning the Philadelphia art and culture market and discovering where we’d fit in. It was with Carrie’s guidance, we focused more of what we knew we wanted to experience and offer the community rather than attempting to fill a void. Carrie’s insight and thoughtfulness to our mission and purpose is what led to a roster of many well attended and focused events throughout the city of Philadelphia. Specifically, Carrie knows how to take control of a project from inception to execution — always paying attention to the little details that eventually became the moments our audience remembered the most.
— Simone Banks, Lionsgate/Code Black
Carrie was a stellar managing editor. Not only did she single-handedly maintain Ui’s editorial calendar with professional aplomb, but she pulled together a group of writers capable of expounding upon a spectrum of global issues. In addition to editing all written content, she approved pitches, sourced and curated subjects and ideas for content, and she spoke with each writer on a weekly basis to ensure that there were never any unforeseen bumps in the road. In her role, she was a seamless and effective communicator, a punctual project manager, and a keenly attentive professional with an ever-present eye for the bigger picture.
— Rudolph Maag, Writer + Content Manager
khoLi. is the consummate professional. As managing editor, she was super communicative and supportive. I believe she brings a level of innovation, care and passion to whatever she does and it is always a pleasure and honor to work with her.
— Siaira Shawn Harris, Singer-songwriter



I am kholi.

In no particular order:

  • I'm Liberian.

  • I'm a doctor. (Ph.D.)

  • I wield words.

  • I believe that Jay Z is necessary for the revolution.

  • I know Anita Baker is a god.

  • I teach teachers.

  • I lead workshops.

  • I create courses and curriculum.

  • I most likely want to work with you. Unless I don't.

  • I value choice.


and how.

I ask myself 3 questions before taking on a new client or project.




Being real with myself about these answers means I never do what I don't want; I never compromise quality for time; I never compromise will for money, and I always give myself and my clients realistic schedules and extraordinary results.