INSPIRATION: Tarot Taught Me; It's never too late to let go.

If you've been following me on IG or Snapchat (ckholi), then you probably already know that I've begun sharing my love for tarot with the world. Or rather, I'm officially giving in-person/Facetime/Google Hangout readings, specifically to other creatives interested in self-exploration and alternative learning.

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Back to what tarot taught me ... the card I'm sharing with you all today is the Five of Cups.

The Five of Cups is important and useful for the first week of a new year, particularly when 2016 was such a freakin' doozy.

There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.
— Malcolm X

Five of Cups

Upright: Loss, regret, disappointment, despair, bereavement; Reversed: Moving on, acceptance, forgiveness

I mean, let's think about it. An infinitely perturbing reality star has just been named President. Hundreds and hundreds ... and hundreds ... of human beings were murdered last year - most by the very hands paid to protect them. We saw several almost-wars waged over some of our most precious (and seemingly abundant) resources. Culturally, we lost more legends than a lot of us even remembered were living.

And that only accounts for public mourning.

An innumerable amount of us experienced/are still experiencing our own, often unshared, microcosmic calamities. Some of us barely escaped the ever-encroaching line of poverty. Some of us didn't.

For many of us, 2016 held an inescapable trope of loss.

Lost land, lost homes, lost value, lost strength, lost hope, lost loved ones - to death, ego, pride, greed, even indifference.

And a clock striking midnight, an almost unnoticeable movement of machinery, indicating that (willingly, or somewhat reluctantly, or dragged while kicking and screaming) we would enter a new year, does not necessarily equally indicate that we are ready for new beginnings.

Insert the Five of Cups tarot card.

The Suit of Cups represents water and our emotional level of consciousness. In readings, Cups cards usually represent love, feelings, relationships, and strong physical, spiritual, or psychic connections. If your reading features multiple Cups cards, you are most likely seeking solutions to primarily emotional conflicts, usually in relation to others.

The Five of Cups card usually represents the epitome of "crying over spilled milk" ... if that epitome can really be represented. Upright, it indicates someone dealing with all of the emotional conflict that comes along with loss, regret, separation, and disappointment. No matter what your decks look like, there's usually an indicator that, though some of the cups have spilled, there's still potential in those standing up right. It requires you to make a choice: do I give in to the emotional unrest of sorrow, constantly revisiting and holding on to the pain of my past, or do I let go?

In my own reading yesterday, the Five of Cups was reversed, indicating a recovery from regret and an acceptance of the past.

When meditating on the Five of Cups' meaning, it's important to remember that, reversed, it represents a willingness to learn from the lessons and let go of the melancholy you've attached to disappointments or failures in your past. It means being willing to take stock of all of your emotional debt and mess, all of your psychological clutter, and do a little tidying to prepare for your future.

Five is also the number of change, indicating an emotional destabilization that is intended to transform your personal approach to life. 

And personal transformation is exactly what we need right now. Emotionally, psychically, spiritually ... even physically, for some of us.

I hope this reverse energy of the Five of Cups card, this uprighting inertia, moves swiftly through your lives this week.

Whether you were ready for 2017 or not, be reminded that it's never too late to let go of all that held you back, and down, and under in 2016.

Soar because it's necessary. Soar because you're worth it.