INSPIRATION: Byron Katie on Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations - "Set Yourself Free"

I love Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Conversations. Not just because I have some of my best ideas and breakthroughs while listening to podcasts. That does happen. But I love SuperSoul because Oprah (and Oprah’s staff) curates some of the best guests to help us wade through our spiritual stagnance. This episode with Byron Katie is a quick and fast and beautiful and slightly terrifying introduction into how we begin to radically accept what is - how we begin to deal with (and I’d say move through) reality.

Byron Katie would suggest, it’s an easy way to get us into doing The Work.



Here’s the full episode. And below that, you’ll find some of my key takeaways.

  • Defense is war: Anytime we engage in defending something, anytime we decide to actively engage with something we think is an offense, we’ve decided to create war.

  • All war belongs on paper: If we’re going to engage in war, it needs to be on paper, written down, so we can see all sides and the truth of it.

  • No one can take advantage of me: We have power and agency over ourselves. If we feel as if someone is engaging with us in a manner that doesn’t have our best interest at the fore, we are responsible for disengaging immediately.

  • Sometimes I disrespect myself: We often victimize ourselves by talking about what other people have done to us or how they harm us. But if someone hits you once and you don’t disengage, the next time they hit you, you’ve hit yourself. If someone is rude to you, when they continue to disrespect you because you’ve refused to disengage, you’ve disrespected yourself.

  • And then there’s the questions that get us into the work: Is it true? Can I absolutely know it's true? How do I react when I believe this thought? Who would I be without the thought?

I absolutely LOVED this episode. If you do too, please come back and let me know. Or, just screenshot this and tag me on Instagram (we all know it’s the easiest way to get in touch with me).

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