FROM THE GRAM: You CAN hold it all. You must.

carrie kholi hella black brunch

As of Friday ... I had 12.37 thousand emails to send out. My scalp was dry. I desperately needed to do #yoga🧘🏾‍♀️ or hit a #barre class. I had 3 client projects to wrap. I had at least 4 blogs that needed to be completed (but feel free to check the link in my bio and peruse around the link in my bio for the new things that went up last week). ___

Today, I still have most of that - and more - on my plate. 🥘 
But like, also last week @twighart helped me wrap 2 years worth of back taxes, and I filed a new FAFSA (how is that my life again?), and renewed my #incomedriven  #studentloan repayment options (I’m so ready for August to get here so that’s not a thing anymore). And I saw my dad. And my mom came over and cleaned our house. And we were clothed and fed and no self-centered hate-motivated catastrophe took me (or you, if you’re still reading this) out of this world. Though that wasn’t the case for at least 50 people killed in the terror attack on #Christchurch #NewZealand

And so this post doesn’t wrap up nice and tightly. I don’t have the words to express how discussing what I ate or what I did or didn’t do to my body with my own will, or talking #blackspace and ticket sales for #hellablackbrunch can sometimes feel useless when people are being murdered in so many ways in so many places for being so very many different things. For being. 

And yet, I’m reminding you that I must discuss all these things together. That WE must. That we can and should begin insisting upon our multiple selves to hold space for our multiple identities and all the parts of us that come along with that (and then all the sh*t that comes along with that). In fact I’d suggest it’s this fear of not being able to hold space for all our parts, and then those parts and others’ parts simultaneously, that insists we act/lash out before they do. Talk about doing unto others as you do yourself. 💕 #thatsnothowtheversegoes#andhbbticketsareonsaleinmybio



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