FROM THE GRAM: TMAY Around the World

carrie kholi tmay listening party

I honestly can’t remember the exact date this photo was taken. But what I know is that the #joy you see on my face was SO REAL. @holleymmurchison was either about to launch or had successfully launched a book. We were about to take it on an international tour. And we were in a room full of (#multiclass/#multicultural#creativesand #entrepreneurs talking about our real ass lives. This was basically #lovemaking101 for me. (I didn’t know that hashtag was even a thing). — 
Anyways, I don’t always talk about how Holley and I created #tmaybook and #tmaypodcast and #tmayexperiencetogether. But if you ask her, she’ll go on and on about her wife’s supportive talents. I appreciate that. But I choose not to talk about it because I also get a very REAL JOY from working behind the scenes to help others bring their ideas to life. 

Like with any other client, I knew that Holley had a big idea. And that it would take a lot of #strategicthinking to make sure all parts of it were received by the audiences she wanted, in the ways she wanted. Easy. What I did not know was just how much more joy would come from that one idea, even after that amazing moment. TMAY has taken Holley (and me) all around the world. And back again. 😂 But most importantly, it’s helped thousands of creatives really understand themselves and how they contribute to the world around them. 

If you CLICK HERE, you can check out a new (and equally joy-filled TMAY surprise) Holley’s collaborated with @wetransfer’s @wepresent and made it easier for her to help you help yourself.

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