i’m working to build

Equitable Communal Futures.

We're told to bloom where we're planted, to nurture our gifts and passions from a primary place of rooting. But so often, we forget that roots are only one part of the final blossom.

carrie kholi cryptic foliage

Beneath the ground, further and further away from an initial seed, roots crane in connection. Each unique sprout rises with the help of a complex support system aiding in continual absorption, anchoring, accumulation, and activation.

I believe that our lives mirror nature more closely than we think.

I believe that our development is directly related to the richness of the environments (communities, people, and resources) to which we are exposed.

carrie kholi equity communal actualization

Sewn in Monrovia, Liberia, my roots have stretched themselves across the globe, taking necessary respites in North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Oakland, and for now, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Along my journey, I’ve earned a B.A. in English Arts and Creative Writing, an M.A. and Ph.D. in Literatures in English, and merged my intellect, enterprise, and commitment to longterm equity in service to hundreds of creatives, entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits, and community-serving brands and corporate clients.

I help develop and execute:

  • project launch strategy

  • branding strategy

  • transition + growth strategy

  • digital + IRL messaging strategy

  • internal + external strategic planning

I also help identify and connect:

  • people and businesses with the appropriate resources for ECOsystem creation, support, and scaling

Though I possess a unique set of skills - all dependent upon my own proactive, responsive, and critical thought - my overall growth and impact (my self-actualization) would not have been possible without tapping into and trying on all of my talents and skills with direction and support from teachers and mentors (communal actualization) like:

This is how self and communal actualization work - interdependently.

I’d like to help you with both.

Today, I practice sharing that experience with others again and again.

With a discerning and business-savvy eye, as well as an aptitude for creating and curating engaging, conscious content - through my creative and entrepreneurial endeavors - I aim to:

  • Understand and help empower diverse groups of human beings representing a variety of intersectional demo and psychographics

  • Connect those human beings to the resources they need to continue thriving and building together in co-created community.

If you’re also into using your skills and resources to enhancing the quality of life for yourself and others, you should definitely:

Just in case you don’t believe me, here’s 3 ways you can test out that theory:





In no particular order:

  • I'm Liberian.

  • I'm a doctor. (Ph.D.)

  • I wield words.

  • I believe that Jay Z is necessary for the revolution.

  • I know Anita Baker is a god.

  • I teach teachers.

  • I lead workshops.

  • I create courses and curriculum.

  • I most likely want to work with you. Unless I don't.

  • I value choice.



I ask myself 3 questions before taking on a new client or project.




Being real with myself about these answers means I never do what I don't want; I never compromise quality for time; I never compromise will for money, and I always give myself and my clients realistic schedules and extraordinary results.