Transition Consultation

Transition Consultation


Are you looking to make a move from:

  • One company to the next?

  • One city to the next?

  • One relationship to the next?

  • One stage of life to the next?

You are not alone.
All of us face huge life choices or transitions - again and again.

We all understand that these choices can feel like they carry the weight of the world. They feel like one wrong choice or move could make or break (or just plain shake up) any and everything that you’ve already worked so hard to figure out in your life.

You don’t have to experience change alone.
I can help you make your next transition with confidence, ease, grace, and support.

My personal and professional transition consultation helps you:

  • Identify and understand the full range of consequences of your decision

  • Make an objective plan of action based on the assessed needs of your transition

  • Identify and bypass your personally-created excuses and roadblocks

  • Use built-in benchmarks and accountability practices to move you from beginning goal to achieved end result.

Your consultation includes:

  • 60-minute discovery video call

  • 45-minute follow-up video call

  • Personal Human Design chart analysis

  • Completion of a personalized concept summary + transition strategy map

  • 45-minute strategy review + benchmark scheduling

A transition consultation purchase via also includes 20% off monthly transition coaching if you choose to work with me as a thought partner throughout your transition journey.

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