Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy


Are you at a place in your life where you’re not just looking to move, but grow?

Do you see yourself with more:

  • Capacity

  • Community

  • Resources

  • Satisfaction

  • Freedom

This is what we all want.
Growing ourselves - in our workplace, studies, craft, even relationships - can bring us more joy and and an improved quality of life.

But it’s not always easy.

We all understand that these choosing to grow can be difficult when you’re surrounded by friends, colleagues, coworkers, and even family members that don’t support or understand what you’re going and growing through. Or worse, want you to stay the same.

Personal and professional growth can also feel even more difficult if you’re not sure of the tools and resources and personal practices that are available to you to help you achieve your dreams.

I can help you create a personal or professional growth strategy that allows you to achieve your goals with accountability and ease and :

  • Free yourself from the psychological spiraling confusing you about what’s next

  • Get unstuck and make an objective plan to move forward

  • Identify and bypass your personal excuses and roadblocks

  • Use built-in benchmarks and practices to achieve your desired growth

Your growth strategy includes:

  • 90-minute discovery video call

  • 60-minute follow-up video call

  • Personal Human Design chart analysis

  • Completion of a personalized concept summary + growth strategy map

  • Personalized 1-month growth curriculum

  • 60-minute strategy review

  • Post-work benchmark scheduling and check-in

A growth strategy purchase via also includes 30% off monthly growth coaching if you choose to work with me as a thought partner throughout your transition journey.

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