Big Dreams, Tiny Details

Big Dreams, Tiny Details

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Big Dreams, Tiny Details is the only course you need to successfully, and repeatedly, build what you want, exactly how you want it.

Admit it. You have wayyyy more than one big or bright idea swirling around in your head right now. If you’re anything like me, new ideas are about as constant as your breathing.

Admit it, again. As exciting as all of those ideas are, sometimes, they get a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, you start one, only to be pulled in a completely different direction by another. And, sometimes, as focused as you are, you get stuck - unsure of how, why, or when you should move forward.

Big Dreams, Tiny Details helps you work through all that stuck and spinning gray space, and provides you with sound, proven, strategies for taking your passion-filled project from idea to longterm execution, again and again.

These strategies work no matter your budget, no matter your team size, no matter your project timeline.

In 6 weeks, I'll teach you everything I teach my clients about - not just how to launch your next big idea - but how to launch all of your ideas and strategically build the life of your dreams.

Your course enrollment includes:

  • Comprehensive resource sheets accompanying each weekly video

  • Live coaching calls

  • Personalized post-launch strategy

  • All of my personal resource lists related to biz dev, marketing, press, and branding

  • Personalized intros to the professionals who have supported me in building and launching some of my best ideas

  • (As always, I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve!)

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